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Sulfur Analysis, Forms of

SGS provides accurate, globally recognized sulfur analysis for a broad range of industries. We conduct sulfur testing in accordance with international standards and strict, ongoing quality control to ensure that your test results deliver the accurate and precise data that you need to ensure customer compliance and build growth into your operation. Our global network of experts has the technology to meet the testing requirements of your operation.

SGS conducts sulfur analysis for total sulfur, elemental sulfur and sulfate on a wide range of materials including:

ash rocks and ores coal and coke ceramics
soils catalysts gypsum limestone
vegetation oils rubber carbide

Sulfur analysis at SGS follow standardized methods. Our technical experts can work with you to choose the most appropriate testing procedure for your purpose. Many of our sulfur analyses are done by the LECO carbon-sulfur analyzer and high temperature combustion. For more definitive identification, we also offer infrared detection. During this procedure, the sulfur in your sample is converted to sulfur dioxide (SO2), which can then be measured by infrared (IR) detectors.

SGS provides the following sulfur testing methods:

Method CodeElementMethod MeasurementRange
CSA06V S (Total) Furnace / IR 0.05%-30%
CSD06V S (Total) Furnace / IR 30-75%
CSA07V SO42- Various 0.01%
CSA08V S2- Various 0.01%
CSA09V S (Elemental) Various 0.01%
CLA13V SO42- Gravimetric 10ppm-1%

SGS is the world leader in chemical analysis. Let us help improve your bottom line with our unparalleled capability for sulfur analysis. Trust our laboratories for transparent, independent test results that you can count on.

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