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Proficiency Testing Programs (LQSi)

Laboratory Quality Services International (LQSi) programs provide a quality-monitoring tool for SGS’s global network of analytical laboratories as well as for numerous client laboratories. LQSi offers a wide range of specialized minerals proficiency testing programs (PTP), performance improvement and custom services. These services are used by laboratories, organizations that need proof of laboratory proficiency, and individuals or groups that provide audit and laboratory testing compliance services.

Typical quality assurance services provided by LQSi include proficiency testing programs (PTP) for benchmarking performance and establishing independent estimates of precision and bias. LQSi offers PTP for:

  • Energy Minerals
  • Iron and Steel
  • Coke Reaction Index (CRI) / Coke Strength after Reaction (CSR)
  • Biofuels
  • Industrial Minerals
  • Gold
  • Base Metals
  • Non-Ferrous Concentrates
  • Ores, Concentrates and Ferroalloys
  • Sulfur
  • Fertilizers (Urea & Potash)

Other quality assurance services provided by LQSi include:

  • Custom quality assurance services for auditors, laboratories or organizations
  • Certified reference materials (CRM) for method validation and instrument calibration verification
  • Auditor services, blind studies and similar investigative services

The integrity, confidentiality and security of your data and reports are guaranteed by LQSi. We have a password-protected environment for your data and provide access to your facility’s data only to designated persons.

LQSi PTP have been accepted for over 40 years and continue to grow in terms of the number of participants, parameters, and commodities. We invest heavily in our technical experts, equipment, and software to ensure that our services are technically superior in all areas and meet or exceed ASTM, ISO, and industry requirements. LQSi can help your laboratory meet the ever-increasing demands of laboratory quality management systems developed by international, national, and industry standards organizations. Contact us today.

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