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Reference Material Services

Laboratory Quality Services International (LQSi) programs provide a tool that monitors quality control for SGS’s global network of analytical laboratories as well as for numerous client laboratories. LQSi offers certified reference materials (CRM) and in house reference materials that are manufactured and certified according to stringent industry standards. We offer a wide range of minerals with well-characterized chemical and physical characteristics. Our CRM meet stringent homogeneity requirements. The materials are then tested by reference laboratories using industry standard reference methods.

LQSi reference materials are used by:

  • Laboratories, to confirm the proficiency of analysts, to verify the calibration of instruments or to demonstrate an instrument’s capability and range
  • Auditors or users of a laboratory, to confirm the laboratory’s capability and proficiency
  • Instrument manufacturers, to verify an instrument’s capability and range

There are different categories of reference materials (RM):

Type A RM are based upon the consensus mean of the laboratories participating in a PTP, less all Grubbs and Cochran outliers. A more robust Type A RM uses the 10 % trimmed mean.

Type B RM are based upon the consensus mean of select reference laboratories that participate in a PTP, where six or more reference laboratories are used.

Type C RM are based upon the consensus mean of select reference laboratories that use a specific certified RM, traceable to a National Standards Body where six or more reference laboratories are used.

Energy Mineral CRM - Sulfur in Coal

LQSi has three sulfur-in-coal CRM available with the following certified values:

  • LQCRM027: Sulfur: 0.271 ± 0.005 Wt %
  • LQCRM066: Sulfur: 0.662 ± 0.015 Wt %
  • LQCRM094: Sulfur: 0.935 ± 0.006 Wt %


LQSi can obtain any NIST SRM and send it with our monthly PTP samples.

Energy Mineral CRM / Primary Hardgrove Grindability Index (HGI) CRM

LQSi can supply primary HGI CRM from Pennsylvania State University.

LQSi can help you to demonstrate laboratory capability, examine measurement uncertainty and determine your laboratory’s place in the global performance hierarchy. Let our LQSi experts customize a quality control program for you. Contact LQSi today to obtain specific certified reference materials.

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