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Good Environmental Practices

Hospitality environmental services by SGS are a range of environmental monitoring services designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Call our commercial team of environmental experts now to find out more.

In the hospitality industry, your commitment to environmental stewardship is an essential part of your business success. Your facilities need to be in line with industry standards and environmental laws and regulations. Benefit from our worldwide expertise in inspection, verification, testing and certification services. Our package of services designed for hospitality sectors covers the aspects that are key to protecting your environmental record, meeting regulatory compliance, and ensuring you are operating cost-effectively and efficiently.

Our environmental good practices scheme is intended to allow you to review existing procedures and practices in order to determine how well they measure up to what is considered state-of-the-art or best practice in effective approaches to environmental management.

The scheme includes the following key aspects:

Onsite audit: Checking your building maintenance, lift equipment and other installations, air conditioning, checking ventilation and water cooling systems for legionella, storage of combustibles and chemical products. Analysis of your water utilization, wastewater management, air emissions and energy consumption, including the distribution, costs and environmental impact of energy use. Our recommendations for energy-saving measures include solar energy and optimizing heat generators and lighting levels. Our detailed report will highlight how you have met all applicable regulations and include a detailed maintenance action plan, including fire prevention.

Sampling and testing: Our environmental testing services will ensure that your facilities comply with environmental regulatory standards. Our worldwide network of accredited laboratories conduct on-site and laboratory tests according to the criteria required for your tour operators and regulators. The results are documented in a report that can be used to prove your compliance.

Additional environmental services: The scheme can eventually be adapted to suit your specific requirements through the addition of features or customization like indoor air quality, legionella risk assessment and additional environmental testing requirements or samples.

We know that you have specific needs for everything from pool water to irrigation for golf courses, air conditioning and ventilation systems to meet the highest standards for your clients. For the confidence and peace of mind to reassure your customers and tour operators, call our commercial team today.

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