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Plantability and Flowability Assessments

SGS’s plantability/flowability assessments are a vital element of our seed testing services, particularly when multiple factors – such as seed quality, the various treatments available and seed-planting accuracy – may be of interest to your study.

Our plantability test determines the number of inaccuracies (such as failures and double seed drops) occurring within a given distance or area, while our flowability test assesses the seeds’ ability to move properly through the planting process. Given this valuable information about treatment quality and other variables, you can improve the efficiency of your operations.

Global resources working for your business

As a global provider of testing services for the agriculture industry, our seed testing laboratories have a thorough understanding of local and international regulations. Furthermore, we know how to apply these rules to your business. Working with you, we can create a series of testing protocols that are specific to your demands.

In addition to our plantability / flowability assessments, our seed investigation services include:

  • Testing for physical and genetic purity
  • Germination, vigor and rapid viability testing
  • Tetrazolium (TZ) testing
  • Seed identification and noxious weed classification
  • Herbicide tolerance
  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
  • Physical parameter testing
  • Destination-specific certifications

Get in touch with SGS now to find out how our seed testing services can improve the competitiveness of your business.

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