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Manure Management

SGS’s manure testing, manure analysis and manure management plans (also known as comprehensive nutrient management plans, or CNMPs) can help you enhance production and reduce your costs.

Our comprehensive turnkey solutions, including soil fertility and nutrient management, also ensure your compliance with the appropriate regulatory agencies.

Harvesting local nutrients

We can help you save money by showing you how nutrients can be harvested from your local resources. For example, there is no need to spend money on anhydrous ammonia when you have ample sources of nitrogen on site.

At the start of a project, we conduct data collection interviews with you. This helps us to determine how you want to handle animal wastes. From there we develop a plan, working with your equipment suppliers to match their application technology to your crop nutrient needs and nitrogen management obligations. Custom designing CNMPs around your specific needs delivers maximum impact.

A large part of nutrient management involves regulatory and compliance issues and our expertise in these areas can be a tremendous asset too. We can help you develop a plan and provide technical assistance in complying with government regulatory agencies.

For a CNMP that improves production while reducing your costs, get in touch with SGS now to ask about our manure management services.

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