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Water Testing

SGS’s agricultural water testing services can help you evaluate water quality, improve your usage – particularly in terms of irrigation – and help you better manage your resources.

By accurately evaluating water quality, our reliable and accredited analytical services underpin your agricultural water management activities. We can conduct farming water testing against the following parameters:

Ammonium and nitrate

Commonly found in groundwater (boreholes) – particularly in intensive agricultural areas – or where pit latrines are used.


This poisonous chemical may be present in groundwater, particularly in mining areas.


This usually occurs along with zinc in acidic waters.

Calcium and manganese

These chemicals cause scaling and can reduce the lathering properties of soap.


The level of chloride can rise in hot, arid areas and, at very high concentrations, may cause vomiting and nausea.

Copper and zinc

These chemicals can appear when copper piping is used with low pH water, affecting the water’s colour.

Electrical conductivity (EC)

The EC level is an indication of the total dissolved salts (TDS).

Sodium adsorption ratio (SAR)

This is used to assess the suitability of water for irrigation.


The levels in the groundwater can rise in hot, arid areas.


This can indicate possible corrosion or scaling.

Potassium and sodium

It is possible to forecast the impact of these salts on salination.

Get in touch with SGS now to discover how our water testing service can help improve quality and resource management.

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