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Catalyst Analysis and Characterization

Small, uncontrolled variations in the application of PGM (platinum group metals) coatings during the manufacture of automotive catalysts can negatively affect catalytic performance and have a large impact on financial contracts. SGS is the global leader in autocatalyst characterization and the determination of catalytic coating properties. We provide high accuracy third party services to catalyst manufacturers, buyers, sellers and researchers in the automotive catalyst industry.

SGS experts understand the value of the PGM used in the manufacture of catalytic converter components and the importance of coating quality. Our chemists and mineralogists use fire assay analysis and scanning electron microscopy to ensure the quality and quantify of PGM used and details of the application of PGM coatings in your materials are right.

Automotive Companies

SGS provides third party analysis of autocatalyst materials and quality-of-workmanship to automotive manufacturers. We ensure that the platinum, palladium and rhodium used in catalytic converter substrates meet your high accuracy quality control needs.

Metal analysis alone will not always confirm that a catalyst will perform to specification. SGS has developed a range of optical and electronic imaging tools that allow accurate insight into the performance of the final part. These tools measure key coating quality indicators like cell wall thickness, coating number and coating thickness. We pay special attention to coating defects such as variation in coating thickness, voids/vugs, cracks and delaminations.

SGS can also conduct quality control audits on parts you are currently using as well as assess converters currently on the market to assess various quality products. 

Autocatalyst Manufacturing Companies

SGS supports catalyst manufacturers by determining PGM content and formulation, developing metal recovery flowsheets, confirming analytical results, conducting process audits and providing check analysis services.

You can trust our analytical test results and the SEM imaging conducted in our laboratories to confirm the quality of material supplied by your contractors and the effectiveness of coating operations. Our team of experts can also confirm the quality and performance of your catalytic converters in our laboratories.

Autocatalyst Research and Development Groups

SGS provides confidential and reliable specialized material characterization support for groups involved in the research and development of new autocatalyst formulas and technology. We have the equipment and the expertise for complete functionality and quality assessments.

Automotive Catalyst Recycling

SGS is a world leader in PGM-leaching technologies. We provide state-of-the-art leaching technologies including PLATSOL, to assist automotive recyclers in cost-effectively reclaiming PGM from used catalytic converters.

Autocatalyst Testing Services

SGS is the industry leader in testing catalysts for the automotive industry. If you are involved in the autocatalyst industry, you can have confidence in our third party assessments and analytical and imaging services.

Catalyst analysis and characterization in the USA

The service in which you are interested is not currently available in the USA. However, our laboratory in Lakefield, Canada has extensive experience in documenting and characterizing catalysts and related specialized materials.  Whether you want to characterize new catalysts or recycle spent catalysts, we cover your analytical needs. We provide you with a range of analytical and imaging approaches to ensure that your operations are cost-effective and your recycling operations meet regulatory requirements. Contact us to find out more.

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