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Fleet Testing Services

Fleet testing services from SGS – gain the data you need to confirm the performance of your fleet under actual operating conditions.

Fleet testing is an important phase of vehicle research that provides proof of performance under actual operating conditions. That is why you need specialized facilities capable of running accurate test conditions. Our dedicated vehicle laboratories provide you with high-accuracy and high-precision repeatability in laboratory or on road conditions. 

Why choose fleet testing services from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Provide proof of performance and validation of test data under actual operating conditions
  • Conduct testing in laboratory or on-road conditions
  • Gain high-accuracy and high-precision repeatability 
  • Ensure consistent results from test to test and vehicle to vehicle. We perform weekly site correlations to deliver data you can trust.

Laboratory or on-road fleet testing from a trusted world leader

As a global leader in fleet testing, we offer unrivaled expertise and experience providing testing throughout the automotive industry. Our location just outside of Denver, CO provides access to almost every type of on-road driving environment necessary to validate vehicle performance or prove durability. From stop-and-go traffic to open highway to high altitude mountain passes and in a climate that cycles from below zero to over one-hundred degrees Fahrenheit, test possibilities from our Aurora, CO facility are numerous.

With over 30 years of experience our local experts deliver comprehensive, tailor-made services that meet your organization’s specific requirements.

Our fleet evaluations include:

  • Engine/calibration development (From 0 -12,000 ft. Altitude)
  • Evaporative emissions testing
  • Exhaust emissions
  • High altitude emission certification (ISO 17025)
  • Cold start/cold weather testing
  • Mileage accumulation and durability
  • Multiple fuel engine testing
  • Alternative powertrain testing

To discuss your fleet testing requirements, contact us today.

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  • SGS - TRP Testing Services (Aurora)

    • 2022 Helena St.
      Aurora, Colorado, 80011
      United States
    • t   +1 844 730 4175
    • f   +01 303 361 6174
    • e   Email us
  • SGS OGC - Oil Condition Monitoring - San Francisco Area

    • 101 Corporate Place
      Vallejo, California, 94590
      United States
    • t   +1 800 645 5227
    • f   + 1 707 554 0109
    • e   Email us


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