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Chassis Dynamometer Testing

Chassis dynamometer testing from SGS – precise simulated road driving conditions in a controlled laboratory environment for a range of vehicles, including all-wheel drive and hybrid cars.

To accurately simulate road driving conditions in controlled laboratory conditions requires highly specialized chassis dynamometer testing. We offer a range of techniques, including chassis dynamometer for emissions analysis and all-wheel drive (AWD) dynamometer testing.

Why choose chassis dynamometer testing from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Test the entire vehicle instead of just the engine. Your vehicle is driven on rolls, while a dynamometer simulates the inertia of the vehicle, as well as the drag and friction on the vehicle (known as ‘road load’ in the vehicle testing community)
  • Assess real world emissions and the benefits of new fuels and vehicle technologies
  • Understand the performance of heavy hybrid trucks and buses
  • Test AWD sport utility vehicles, cars and performance vehicles
  • Gain realistic testing of hybrid electric vehicles as the balance between mechanical braking and regenerative braking is correctly determined

Trusted chassis dynamometer testing from a world leader in vehicle testing

As a global leader in certification and testing for the automotive industry, we offer you unrivaled experience and expertise in specialized vehicle testing. Our chassis dynamometer and all-wheel drive dynamometer are operated in highly controlled laboratory conditions to help you get precise analytical data.

Chassis dynamometer for emissions

We use a special chassis dynamometer for emission testing, calibrated to accommodate the weights of various vehicles, referred to as ‘inertia weight’ categories. These inertia weight categories are divided into 125-pound increments to provide the SEMA Black Book – A Guide to Emissions Clarification of Specialty Automotive Aftermarket Products most accurate emission measurements. 

Our dynamometer is also calibrated for various road load horsepower (RLHP) settings to simulate the amount of horsepower required to move a vehicle over a level road surface at 50 miles per hour.

All-wheel drive dynamometer

Our all-wheel drive dynamometer enables testing of AWD sport utility vehicles, AWD cars and performance vehicles. It also allows for realistic testing of hybrid electric vehicles.

We also operate a Burke Porter all-wheel drive AC dynamometer. The system has two independent 48-inch rollers, and axis-to-axis roller spacing adjustable from 70 to 180 inches (1.8 to 4.6 meters) to accommodate a wide range of vehicle wheelbases. 

We can also test light-duty and medium-duty passenger vehicles, and medium-duty and heavy-duty commercial trucks (GVWR>33,000 lbs. / 14,968 kgs.) with single drive axles. Class 8 tandem axle tractors can also be accommodated, with the forward axle on the drive roll and the rear axle disengaged.

To find out more about how our chassis dynamometer testing can help you, contact us today.

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