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High Altitude Engine and Vehicle Testing

High altitude engine and vehicle testing from SGS – specialized testing, certification, calibration and development for your vehicles.

High altitude calibration development and certification of Light Duty (LD) and Heavy Duty (HD) vehicles and engines requires highly specialized facilities capable of producing precise environmental conditions. Our high altitude testing services provide you with the dedicated environment you need.

Why Choose High Altitude Engine and Vehicle Testing from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Run the entire “not-to-exceed” test (NTE) in a single test cell
  • Execute development work in a controlled laboratory environment, then drive test properties immediately in real world conditions up to 14,000 ft. altitude for validation
  • Perform immediate reference tests to compare with previous results at any altitude
  • Schedule test activities without concern about the risk of uncertain weather conditions
  • Perform all of these functions in proximity to a metro area featuring easy travel, world-class accommodation and a full range of services

Trusted High Altitude Engine and Vehicle Testing from the World’s Leading Provider

As the global leader in certification and testing services, we offer you unrivaled experience and expertise in all aspects of high altitude engine and vehicle testing.
Located at 5,450 ft. (1,660 meters) above sea level, our environmental testing facility in Aurora, Colorado, USA is dedicated to high altitude calibration development and certification for LD and HD vehicles. Additionally through the use of our patented Balancing Altitude Simulation Equipment (BASE) we can test at altitudes ranging from 0m to over 1,670m (5,500 ft.) above sea level.

All test cells and soak areas comply with ISO Standard 14001:2004 for environmental management.

We also offer cold chamber facilities in the Rocky Mountains at over 9,000 ft. (2,750m) altitude. Here we have the capabilities to soak vehicles at temperatures as low as -29C in any weather for true high altitude cold-start and drivability validation. 

To find out more about our high altitude testing, contact us today.

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  • SGS Transportation - Testing Services (Aurora)

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      Aurora, Colorado, 80011
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  • SGS Transportation - Testing Services (Empire)

    • 11961 U.S. 40
      Empire, Colorado, 80438
      United States
    • t   +01 844 730 4175
    • f   +1 303 361 6174
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