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Engine Test Cell Services

Engine test cell services from SGS – a wide range of test cells for comprehensive engine testing.

For effective engine testing you need access to a range of specialized test cells, capable of accommodating a wide range of test scenarios and simulated environmental conditions. Our test cells can be used for engine calibration, emissions development and emissions certification.

Why Choose Test Cell Services from SGS?

Our engine test cells can be used for a wide range of testing, including:

  • Not to Exceed (NTE) testing, development and demonstrations. All engine test cells feature combustion air temperature and pressure control for simulated environments of -10 to 60 degrees Celsius at sea level to 4000m
  • Exhaust emissions certification tests to 40CFR Part 1065 and ISO8178 standards
  • Engine mapping and emission control system development
  • Electronic control system calibration, with customer working on site, remotely off site, or using SGS-ETC calibration engineers
  • Prototype engine development
  • Engine component evaluations
  • After treatment component evaluations
  • Verification of retrofit systems for state programs
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Fuel blends and additive studies
  • Durability testing

We also offer ”super cells”. These cells use equipment that allows for a wide range of ambient test conditions. From varying altitude to extreme temperatures, these cells offer the advantage of being able to perform an entire test matrix in a single test cell.

Trusted Test Cell Services from the World’s Leading Provider

As a global leader in test cell services, we offer unrivaled expertise and experience providing testing throughout the automotive industry.

All seven of our engine test cells offer our patented Balancing Altitude Simulation Equipment (BASE™) variable altitude system. This provides the necessary air handling equipment to deliver extreme intake air temperatures and varying coolant temperature control.

To find out more about our test cell services, contact us today.

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