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SORE and PFC Fuel System Component Testing

Emissions compliance testing from SGS for small off-road engine and equipment (SORE) and portable fuel container (PFC) components.

Your SORE and PFC fuel system components must comply with a range of emissions requirements. We perform an extensive array of emissions tests to ensure regulatory compliance for a wide range of products.

Why choose SGS for SORE and PFC fuel system component testing?

We offer a proprietary combined test procedure, TSG-901, for SORE evaporative emission measurement that has been approved for use by manufacturers by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) and the California Air Resource Board (CARB).

A partial list of government and industry standards that we can perform testing for includes:

  • EPA 40CFR1051, 1060
  • CARB TP 501, 502, 511, 512, 901, 902, 933, 1501, 1503, 1504, 1505
  • SAE J30, J1737, J1527, J1401, J1769, J1928, J2027, J2044, J2045, J2260, J2416, J2527
  • ANSI B71.10

We can help you:

  • Confirm the regulatory compliance of SORE and PFC fuel system components
  • Determine the test protocol that is appropriate for your application needs
  • Prepare the documents necessary for submission to EPA and CARB
  • Gain the support you need throughout the approval process

Trusted regulatory compliance testing from a world leader

As a world-leading provider of testing, inspection, certification and verification services for the transportation industry, we offer you unrivaled expertise in regulatory compliance testing for SORE and PFC fuel system components.

In addition to our proprietary test procedure, our capabilities include:

  • Diurnal SHED testing
  • Tilt slosh testing
  • UV exposure testing
  •  Weight loss testing
  • Canister testing
  • Pressure-vacuum testing
  • Vibration testing
  • Multiple fuel availability

To discuss your SORE and PFC fuel system component testing requirements, contact us today.


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