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SGS Environmental Testing Center

SGS Environmental Testing Center – tailor-made engine and vehicle testing services through advanced labs equipped to test under extreme environmental conditions.

Road testing vehicles and engines under extreme conditions is challenging and expensive. SGS Environmental Testing Center offers you laboratories designed to simulate temperature and altitude, so accurate testing can be accomplished without the need for road testing.

Our test facilities offer turnkey services, with state-of-the-art testing cells, on-site mechanical and software engineering personnel, technical support staff, mechanical and fabrication support, and complete warehousing capabilities.

With over 30 years’ experience, our experts deliver comprehensive, tailor-made services to meet your organization’s specific requirements. Our advanced control systems provide test results with a high degree of accuracy and dependability, easy access to the control parameters, and quick analysis of engine and vehicle data.

Our services include:

To find out more about our services, contact the SGS Environmental Testing Center today.

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  • SGS Environmental Testing Center

    • 2022 Helena St.
      Aurora, Colorado, 80011
      United States
    • t   +01 303 344 5470
    • f   +01 303 361 6174
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  • SGS Mileage Accumulation Lab

    • 3310 Cisco Street
      Jackson, Michigan, 49201
      United States
    • t   +1 303 344 5470
    • f   +1 303 361 6174
    • e   Email us
  • SGS High Altitude Cold Chambers Services

    • 11961 U.S. 40
      Empire, Colorado, 80438
      United States
    • t   +1 303 344 5470
    • f   +1 303 361 6174
    • e   Email us


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