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Asbestos Management

When it comes to protecting you, your business and your people, you need to be sure. With nationally accredited testing labs and experienced, independent experts, SGS can help you with asbestos management services. Call our team today.

Exposure to asbestos is a serious health hazard. To help manage the presence of  asbestos on your site, you will need expert advice and technical assistance. You can trust our experienced team to carry out an asbestos risk assessment, identify and test for asbestos and help you meet all regulatory requirements if safe removal is needed.

Our team has the track record and expertise to set your mind at ease. We use our mobile laboratories to conduct asbestos monitoring to help you identify if you do have asbestos on site. We carefully take samples from each suspect material and examine them with the aid of polarized light microscopes to determine the presence, type and quantity of asbestos.

Where necessary, our asbestos identification methods include using a transmission or scanning electron microscope to clearly distinguish asbestos from other inorganic or organic fibers. This allows us to also control the exposure to similar hazardous products such as respirable crystalline silica and other man-made mineral fibers.

To ensure you are meeting the latest legislation, we will:

  • Identify materials containing asbestos in your workplace
  • Provide an on-site register of asbestos materials to all employees
  • Establish regular assessments and inspections of identified asbestos materials
  • Label identified asbestos materials
  • Implement an asbestos management plan
  • Supervise asbestos removal control
  • Conduct post-removal monitoring and inspections
  • Issue clearance certificates

We provide a total service from site inspection and sampling to analysis and reporting. All assessments and recommendations are carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations and site requirements. Our laboratories are accredited according to the applicable national and international quality standards, and are recognized by the authorized governmental bodies.

To ensure the safety of your site, contact our asbestos management services experts today.

This service is not currently available in this country. However, we have an unrivalled global network. Please contact us to discuss the delivery of this service.

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