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Landfill Management Studies

SGS environmental experts in landfill management studies can ensure your landfill site is safe and working for you. Call us today for an integrated landfill management solution.

Profitable landfill management involves many environmental considerations and maintaining a safe site can be complex and constant work. Landfill site management may involve the use of heavy machinery and equipment. On-surface site operations may lead to noise and traffic pollution to consider. Underneath your site, landfill waste can produce odor and biogas emissions that need to be reduced and channeled with ventilation. There is the risk of soil subsidence and the possibility of land and water contamination through toxin leaching.

Our landfill site management studies will provide the detailed information you need to:

  • Ensure that your site is supported to withstand subsidence
  • Make sure your plans include appropriate ventilation and drainage
  • Prevent pollutants leaching into surrounding soil and water
  • Ensure your site is viable for future development with a full environmental risk assessment

While some suppliers can only deal with parts of the challenge, our landfill management studies team can take a complete overview, offering you a range of solutions for a fully integrated management plan. Whether you are in charge of an operational or an abandoned landfill site, we can help you with the following range of services:

  • Impact assessments to provide a complete picture of the potential risks of the landfill site for the environment (including noise, odor, traffic, soil, water and emissions)
  • Biogas, air and odor measurement
  • Leachate monitoring using piezometers
  • Analysis of weather data to anticipate fluctuating temperatures and potential rainfall that can contribute to the release of contaminants
  • Groundwater modeling to examine how to control the dispersion of underground contaminants
  • Surface water sampling 
  • In-depth characterization study using boreholes and trenches to determine the extent of pollutants
  • Remediation studies to provide concepts for environmental protection and land rehabilitation works
  • Control of future planning and rehabilitation works
  • Site licensing

Our accredited team will work with you as an independent auditor and advisor to provide all the necessary information you need to manage your landfill site. We help you meet the required regulatory obligations and satisfy safety needs for future planning works.

If site remediation is needed, our documents contain all the technical and administrative specifications you will need to obtain competitive tenders for the work. Because we are a neutral advisor, we can also offer you administrative assistance in assessing quotations and can act as a safety assurance presence on site during site restoration.

Our detailed analyses will allow you to examine cost-effective solutions to meet your  immediate business needs and set the foundations for a safe and profitable future. Call our team of experts today.

This service is not currently available in this country. However, we have an unrivalled global network. Please contact us to discuss the delivery of this service.

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