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Water Footprint Verification

An organization’s water footprint, or the amount of water it uses directly or indirectly, along with the impact on this water, is a growing concern for stakeholders, consumers and many international organizations. The new ISO14046 standard for water footprint is being developed in response to this concern. You can demonstrate your commitment to this innovative water stewardship program through ISO14046 water footprint verification and water footprint training by SGS.

Prior to ISO14046, there were no international standards relating to water usage. Organizations applied a variety of techniques to arrive at data related to water usage for environmental reports or product packaging and documentation. ISO14046 includes consistent tools for measuring water usage in addition to management systems and industry best processes and practices.

ISO14046 verification by SGS includes a comprehensive, analysis of your water usage and your water management system. We verify that your organization meets the requirements of ISO14046. When you partner with SGS for your water footprint verification, you benefit from our global reputation as a leading provider of audits and verifications to a broad range of international standards. SGS auditors thoroughly understand these standards. They are able to provide you with feedback on your water usage, and make recommendations on ways to bring your organization into line with ISO14046.

ISO14046 water footprint verification through SGS gives you a competitive edge by providing proof of your acceptance of the new standard. Contact SGS to learn more about the development of ISO14046 and the verification process.

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