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Product and Packaging

When you are examining your overall environmental impact, assessing the ingredients and processes involved in the manufacture of your products and consumers goods is important. In today’s market and atmosphere of increased consumer awareness, it is also crucial to examine your packaging to determine if it could have an adverse impact on the environment.

SGS provides the support you need through our range of product and packaging assessment services. Our diversified portfolio of services can assess your packaging, analyze the presence of any hazardous substances and ensure that all relevant regulations for chemical presence are met. We can help you improve your processes and externally supplied goods with green procurement services. Our ecodesign experts can also look at innovative solutions in your production methods that could have the advantage of adding a competitive edge to your products.

Work together with our global network of experts to understand the environmental impact of your products and find the best solutions for increasing your cost-efficiency and boosting your environmental credentials. Call us today to start your plan of action.

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