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Data Management for Statutory Inspection Programs

Outsourcing public service vehicle (PSV) testing brings a wide range of benefits both to the regulatory authorities and the general public.

The vehicle data gathered by SGS’s PSV testing gives regulatory authorities measurable, accountable information and also the confidence and reassurance that every vehicle for which they are responsible is comfortable, aesthetically sound and, above all, safe. This ensures the end user has a safe, comfortable journey in a vehicle fit for purpose. Thanks to our experience in automotive testing, we are aware of the basic measures that are of interest to regulators.

For example our vehicle inspection programs include:

  • Compliance rates
  • Traceability of vehicles, drivers and owners
  • Driver and operator profiles
  • Inspection pass and fail rates
  • Booking lead-times
  • Detailed reasons for failure
  • Testing standards
  • Accuracy of taxi meters
  • Vehicle modifications
  • Post licensing activity

We can create detailed reports on the above criteria and develop specific, tailored feedback on any aspect of the fleet or its drivers as required by you as a regulator. All our test data is securely stored so you can access it at all times. Collectively, the data creates a baseline that you can use to uphold or improve standards. In London, for example, London Taxi and Private Hire (LTPH) – which is responsible for, amongst other things, the famous black taxis – use SGS’s Vehicle Inspection Management System (VIMS) for intelligence-led compliance and all post licensing activity for the entire fleet.

SGS Automotive Services has extensive experience in designing and operating a wide range of advanced vehicle inspection programs and associated services, for both large and small vehicle fleets. We have designed and implemented successful statutory programs for countries on four continents. Each program is a tailor-made product of SGS’s combined international expertise, and strong knowledge of the local market conditions and individual market characteristics, demand and requirements.

We have become widely recognized for our vehicle inspection network management performance, involving complete modernization (facilities, equipment and personnel), and privatization of inspection programs and related activities that were traditionally operated by public authorities.

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