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Vehicle Inspection and Program Management Services

Exhaust emissions from vehicles must meet strict regulatory standards. Ensuring compliance is one of the automotive industry’s fundamental challenges. That is why manufacturers, governments, mechanics, drivers and SGS all have an important role to play.

We offer a wide range of services including state-of-the-art workstations and vehicle inspection database (VID) design, hosting and support, program management services, data communications, custom software development, fraud prevention and detection, call center services, equipment maintenance, field service, easy self-service tools, automated testing, EPA reporting, customer portal and inspector training, and our award winning public information and education campaigns.

Our databases are highly reliable, highly secure, redundant and available – consistently meeting or exceeding over 99.9% availability. Year after year, our service delivery performance has consistently met or exceeded State requirements.

Information management for inspection programs

This VID is custom-designed for the high availability and reliability that will be critical to the success of any vehicle inspection program. It processes and stores inspection data, forwards data to state agencies as required, provides for reporting and data access, fraud prevention and detection, and performs other program control and support functions.

SGS Testcom Emissions Management System (STEMS)

A custom web-based front end that provides end-users the ability to collect and manage safety and emission data from vehicles, STEMS offers efficiency, security, ease of use, broad functionality, flexibility and responsiveness which has enabled us to gain a leadership position within the vehicle testing industry nationwide. STEMS can be adapted to your specification.

SGS Management and Reporting Tool (SMART)

This portal uses role-based security and is accessible by state agency personnel, inspection station operators, and motorists. State staff will benefit from the addition of management capabilities of this system including station lockouts, editing of reference files and certain configuration settings like test fees.

Appropriate agency staff and customers will have access to inspection technicians and motorists, reporting, station administration, inspector training, VIR reprint functionality, FAQs, station locator, and more. SMART can be accessed via a web browser with no requirement for special plug-ins or system extensions.

We are not only a software and systems integrator, but also a provider of a suite of end-user support services, such as:

  • Station Equipment – Deployment, Maintenance, and Repair
  • Network Management and Support
  • Education and Training for Management, Staff and Inspectors
  • Customer Help Desk/Technical Assistance for stations via phone and live chat
  • Workforce Management
  • Auditing
  • Repair data capture

Why choose SGS vehicle safety and emission programs?

With a proven track record of performance exceeding expectations, we incorporate the latest in technology and management systems to meet the technical specifications for your program and in turn provide improvement in efficiency, security, user friendliness, functionality, flexibility and responsiveness.

For more information about how SGS vehicle inspection and program management services can support your organization, contact us today.

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