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Speed Measurement Device Certification

For consumers to have confidence in speed enforcement programs, it is critical for authorities to be able to demonstrate that the enforcement technology is both accurate and reliable. Speed Measurement Device Certification by SGS gives you the opportunity to have your technology independently approved to national standards by the world’s leading supplier of inspection and certification services.

Our certification process draws on a range of methods of speed camera verification:

  • Sensor evaluation: We test whether the camera’s vehicle sensors are operating within operational parameters set by the manufacturer
  • Speed accuracy: To increase confidence in the accuracy of your technology, the speed recordings of your cameras are tested against our independent speed measurement devices, which are calibrated to a traceable national standard
  • Speed reliability: We gauge your cameras’ ability to capture the speed of large volumes of traffic
  • Calibration services: We calibrate your speed measurement devices to guarantee consistency at a national level
  • Traffic signal evaluation: We can examine your traffic light system during a range of different traffic signal fault conditions as well as during normal conditions
  • Type approval: We provide a seal of approval for those devices that are fit for purpose, incorporating electromagnetic compatibility, environmental, vehicle interference, and electrical safety testing into the approvals process
  • Fault finding: We can investigate any reported discrepancies within your camera systems

Our aim is to give your organization independent approval to bolster its reputation and reinforce the credibility of your speed enforcement programs. We feel confident in our ability to do that because our own reputation is built on over a century of experience in providing inspection, testing and certification services to clients who have put their trust in our systems and processes.

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