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Implementation and Management of Axle Load Control Programs

The scale and complexity of axle load control programs mean that those responsible for delivering them must perform with the highest standards of care and accuracy. SGS has vast experience in axle load control implementation and axle load control management, making us a trusted pair of hands for:

  • Co-ordinating the many components of a program and the many parties involved in them
  • Handling the huge volume of data created by every activity in the program
  • ‘Green Field’ design and development of the ideal weighbridge or axle load control facility tailored around your unique environment
  • Benchmarking existing operations against ‘best-in-class’ facilities

When you work with our specialist weighbridge management teams, you get to draw not just on their impeccable project management skills but also on the knowledge and experience they have gained through implementing and managing programs for governments across the world. Employing operational and information management systems, they provide a robust beginning-to-end service that covers:

  • Tallying both loaded and empty vehicles
  • Weighing loaded vehicles correctly at the weighbridge
  • Identifying overloaded vehicles and instigating punitive procedures 
  • Using state-of-the-art data generation and storage technology to collect, distribute and store data for analysis and future decision-making
  • Producing reports based on accurate data to support long-term planning
  • Recruiting and training skilled staff

SGS’s implementation and management of axle load control programs forms a vital tool in reducing the damage caused by overloaded vehicles, both to the road network and government budgets. Our expertise in this area makes us a world leader, and the lessons we have learned from our work with previous clients mean reduced risks for you in delivering your axle load control program, a more effective approach in tackling current problems and a more efficient and intelligent data analysis to inform axle load regulation in your country.

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