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Training for Inspectors

SGS understands the importance of skilled weighbridge inspection specialists, trained to the highest standards. Because we know that staff is the most important resource, we provide training for inspectors so that you can have the peace of mind that inspectors are working to the same high standards as SGS’s independent specialists.

We understand that there is no one training solution that suits all of our clients’ requirements. So our weighbridge inspection training programs begin with a survey of training requirements of the staff as well as alignment with legislation, regulations etc. However, we do ask that inspectors have the technical and interpersonal relationship skills to engage in training on the inspection software that will be used.

Training is a drawn process: Management draws a training program for all its employees every year. The training requirements are identified by the division’s management through a properly documented procedure. Staff who undergo any training are awarded certificates and write a training report to the division manager that is used to evaluate the level of achievement and the training’s effectiveness.

We build the program so that on-the-job training is incorporated so that staff that are not conversant with the processes are kept informed by those who are. We emphasize the importance of trained staff helping new or less-experienced people.

  • Technical skills
    Trainees must be competent in the use of computers and have a good grasp of existing procedures in their current working environment.

  • Interpersonal relationship skills
    As  your axle load control program develops, trainees must be able to communicate the benefits and operational constraints of the program to their colleagues.

    The subsequent training program is substantial enough to equip trainees with the requisite skills to use specialist software to implement a vehicle inspection program successfully. Trainees receive a certificate to authenticate their achievements on the training course and have the opportunity to report back to us on how successful our training program has been.

  • Integrity
    A fundamental part of our training emphasizes the need for honesty and integrity for the sake of safety for the driver, other road users and the law abiding transporter.

  • The result
    Our training packages give you a competitive advantage by instilling in your organization some of the quality and depth of expertise that SGS has acquired through over a century of working as an independent inspector, tester, verifier and certifier. 
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