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Oil Testing

If you run vehicles that use oil, you could use our help.

At SGS we have a wide range of services for the testing and inspection of oil – from crude oil to lube oil. For matters of economy and prolonging the lives of the vehicles in your fleet, it is important to know that vehicles are being filled correctly and with the right liquids. That is why we have developed tests and inspections for quality, quantity and grade of oils – so you can be assured that what is delivered to you is what it should be and has not suffered any degradation or contamination.

We can also analyze wear on lubricated parts with our wear conditioning and monitoring service.

As the world’s leading testing, verification, inspection and certification company, we offer you unsurpassed accuracy, highly experienced specialists, state-of-the-art examination methodologies and a global reach.

Contact us today to find out more about our comprehensive range of oil testing services.

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  • SGS OGC - Oil Condition Monitoring - San Francisco Area

    • 101 Corporate Place
      Vallejo, California, 94590
      United States
    • t   +1 800 645 5227
    • f   + 1 707 554 0109
    • e   Email us
  • SGS OGC - Oil Condition Monitoring - Chicago Area

    • 1600 Shore Road, Suite H
      Naperville, Illinois, 60563
      United States
    • t   +1 800 645 5227
    • f   + 1 707 554 0109
    • e   Email us


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