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TL 9000 - Telecommunications Quality Management Systems

If you want to sell telecommunications products and services in today’s competitive marketplace, implementing the TL 9000 standard will differentiate your organization from your competitors.

In an industry characterized by short product lifecycles and high safety and quality expectations, you can use the telecommunications quality assurance standard, TL 9000 certification, to your advantage.

The internationally recognized TL 9000 telecommunication standard defines the quality management system requirements for design, development, production, delivery, installation and maintenance of both telecommunications products and services. This focus on performance, cost management and reduction, ongoing improvement and enhancing customer and supplier business relationships will increase your competitiveness.

As a supplier and provider of telecommunications products and services, certifying your quality management systems against the TL 9000 standard supports your communication strategy, reinforces the core values of your company and demonstrates your ability to achieve the highest quality standards in the telecommunications products and services industry.

Certifying your quality management systems against TL 9000 requirements delivers the following benefits:

  • Reduces your need to meet other telecommunication quality management standards: TL 9000 establishes a common set of quality management system requirements for suppliers of telecommunication systems, hardware, software and services
  • Increases your competitiveness through a focus on performance, cost-based metrics, overall cost reduction, continual improvement of service and enhanced customer/supplier business relationships
  • Supports your communication strategy, reinforcing the core values of your company and demonstrating your ability to achieve the highest quality standards in the telecommunications products and services industry

SGS is the world’s preferred third party certification body and a leading provider of accredited TL 9000 certificates / telecom certificates, as well as testing, product certification and other conformity assessments for the telecommunications industry.

Our telecommunications auditors possess the technical and regulatory knowledge to deliver the most meaningful and professional TL 9000 audits. Our auditors help you to meet your telecommunications quality control and management systems objectives wherever possible.

Partner with SGS for TL 9000 certification and give your organization a competitive edge.

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