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Dopant Profiling SIMS and SRP

Variations in dopant distribution can affect the functioning of a microelectronic device. SGS’s dopant profiling will give you all the information you need to be sure your product has the correct dopant concentration to function.

In semiconductor technology a dopant is a trace element that is inserted into a substrate or layer to determine its conductivity. Doping is one of the main processes in the semiconductor industry. Because slight variations in the dopant distribution can drastically affect the functioning of a microelectronic device, it is essential to ensure the right amount has been used in distribution during the production process.

Dopant profiling from SGS will give you all the information you need to be sure your product has the correct dopant concentration and that it works as it should.

SGS – a trusted provider

Our institute in Dresden is one of the longest serving laboratories in microelectronics. Our facilities have a proven track record of highest quality service. We carry out:

  • Depth profiling of dopants and contaminants using secondary ion mass spectrometry (classic dynamic SIMS and TOF-SIMS) 
  • We also measure electrically active dopants using:
    • Spreading resistance profiling (SRP)
    • Scanning probe techniques for 2D-profiling

    SIMS and SRP are highly sensitive and provide a high dynamic range. They also complement one another perfectly.

    Contact SGS to find out how our dopant profiling service can help your business.

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