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Manufacturing Control

At SGS we encourage our clients to prioritize risk at all stages of the product lifestyle, conducting risk assessments as early as possible but also keeping a clear eye on quality and safety standards throughout production.

Our manufacturing control services are a range of tests and inspections that allow you to tackle problems or challenges as they arise with a view to improving your product and ensuring that once it reaches the market it is safe and of a high quality.

Product failure analysis

We see problems with a product as an opportunity to improve your business chances. So when clients have to recall products, because products have failed during production or they have injured a customer, for example, our product failure analysis not only highlights the cause of the problem but helps produce a solution to prevent it happening again. The analysis can include the following techniques:

  • Visual inspection
  • Finite element analysis
  • Chemical analysis

Test-to-failure services

Where quantitative data is required, our test-to-failure services offer a statistical process control solution. Stressing samples to the point of failure, our specialists record the maximum load achieved and failure mode, before measuring the capability and variability of the product, providing you with a statistical measure of your product’s overall performance and allowing you to make changes to the product as and when needed during the production process.

Product benchmark and performance testing service

To get an insight into how your product is likely to perform on the market, we can compare it with existing products. As our service is fully flexible, we can conduct tests according to industry standards or according to your own criteria. We can also performance test to see how your product will perform over time or under use-and-abuse conditions.

As every client has different needs, our product integrity engineering consultants will be able to advise you as to which tests suit your particular product and industry. When you contact them for advice, you gain not only the current skills and knowledge that our international experts bring to our business, but also from the decades of experience that we have of working with companies of all sizes from across all industries.

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