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CPSIA and California Proposition 65

SGS has dedicated services to help US manufacturers, private labelers of children’s and adults’ products and importers to US markets meet local regulatory standards. We can provide consultancy, testing and training services specifically for compliance with the Consumer Product Safety and Improvement Act (CPSIA) 2008 and California Proposition 65.

CPSIA requires businesses to provide a General Conformity Certification (GCC) that confirms products meet a range of safety specifications, and requires mandatory third party testing for all children’s products. Proposition 65 sets out specific requirements regarding the toxicity of materials used in products that are to be sold in the State of California, including textiles, hard goods, toys, juvenile products, and electrical and electronic items.

To help you achieve compliance with these regulations and avoid costly recalls, SGS offers a range of services that can be incorporated into a comprehensive compliance program or used as individual solutions. Our expert consultants:

  • Advise on how regulation affects your business 
  • Help develop compliance programs
  • Conduct testing of products to assist with compliance
  • Carry out third party testing for CPSIA certification

As a world leader in helping organizations meet regulatory standards, and with over a century of experience and expertise behind us, SGS is uniquely placed to help get your products to US markets as quickly as possible.

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