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Risk Based Inspections

Risk based inspection from SGS – balances your inspection costs and risk by combining our people skills and experience with the appropriate technology and software for inspection and maintenance planning.

If you are involved in the oil, gas or petrochemical industry, you face increased pressure to reduce risks and improve safety and reliability cost effectively. Our risk based inspection service enables you to balance inspection costs and risk by using appropriate technology and software for inspection and maintenance planning.

Why use risk based inspection from SGS?

Our risk based inspection service enables you to develop the best approach for your inspection activities using risk analysis. We can help you:

  • Analyze the likelihood and consequences of failure 
  • Comply with all applicable governing regulations and guidelines
  • Develop a cost-effective inspection and maintenance program 
  • Ensure mechanical integrity and reliability
  • Prioritize and focus your inspection and maintenance resources on plant items and parts that pose the highest risks

Trusted risk based inspection from a leading provider

As a world leader in risk based inspection (RBI), we offer you unrivaled experience, expertise and global resources. In fact, since 1989 we have implemented nearly two hundred RBI programs worldwide.

Unlike most service providers who are tied to a single RBI software solution, we have implemented programs using nearly every major commercially available RBI software program. Our partnerships with established RBI software providers enable us to deliver the most effective solutions for data gathering, management and analysis – all tailored to suit your exact requirements.

Our risk based inspection services include:

  • Assessment of process operations that will impact your production, operation, material integrity and degradation rates
  • Development of a corrosion management plan
  • Determination of the remaining lifetime of your assets
  • Gap analysis
  • Identification of operational risks, using recognized industry standards
  • Identification of the appropriate inspection intervals
  • Review of technical specifications and construction materials
  • Specification of risk ranking level and determination of the respective risk acceptance level
  • Specification of the necessary inspection and maintenance tasks

Contact us today to find out how our risk based inspection service can balance your inspection costs and risk by using appropriate technology for inspection and maintenance planning.

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