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Aquifer Characterization

Aquifer characterization by SGS helps you to efficiently manage the risks linked to water contamination. Call our hydrogeological experts today to find out more.

Groundwater pollution on a site can be a complex problem. The intricacy of groundwater flow systems means that there is the risk that any contamination could spread beyond the limits of your site. We can help you manage these risks through our aquifer characterization services. Through early investigation we can help to limit water dispersion and manage the impact of groundwater pollution.

To highlight the water’s characteristics, our groundwater field investigations can include pumping and tracing tests and the use of tracers to visually highlight the water flow. We assess the water velocity to determine how quickly contaminants will overtake parcel limits and reach catchment wells, rivers and ponds.

The results of the aquifer characterization are integrated into a conceptual site model, taking into account the local hydrogeology – pore aquifer, fissured aquifer, karstified zones, presence of hydrogeological barriers and much more. The study allows us to consider the appropriate risk management or remediation techniques to suit your water situation.

Call our accredited team today to find out more about our aquifer characterization and groundwater pollution services.

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