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Quality Control Testing

When you outsource your quality control testing while you focus on your core business activities, you need a partner with a strong history of delivering to a consistently high standard. As a world leader in quality control test provision, SGS has decades of supporting businesses of all sizes from across the globe. As such, we are a safe pair of hands when you need support with your quality control testing activity.

Internationally, we have the largest network of analytical laboratories in the industry, from which our highly skilled experts conduct test programs for clients from across a wide range of industries, whether they require testing of raw materials or finished products or whether their samples are solids, liquids or gases.

We base our approach on your particular needs, but have a comprehensive range of tests that use cutting-edge technology to obtain the data you need to make business decisions about your product. 

Our consultants are available to advise on which tests are suitable for you, whether you need full-time support or extra capacity during times of heavy workload. No matter what your industry, product or sample, our focus will always be on getting accurate results to help inform broader quality control decisions.

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