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Electrical Installations Certification

Electrical installations certification from SGS – helps you comply with national and international standards and ensure the reliable operation of your facilities.

Whether you are a manufacturer or operator, you need to ensure cost-effective and safe use of your electrical installations and power plants. Our electrical installations certification services help you to fulfill wide-ranging national and international standards and regulations. We can also help prevent power failures, ensuring the reliable operation of your facilities.

Why use electrical installations certification from SGS?

We are a leading provider of testing and inspection for electrical installations around the world. As a result, we offer you an unrivaled global network of experts, experience and technology, along with accreditations to all major standards and regulations. That is why our electrical installation certification services can help you:

  • Assure the quality, cost effectiveness, safety and reliability of your electrical installation or electrical plant
  • Meet legal requirements, international standards and local statutory requirements
  • Verify the design of your electrical installations and ensure that components meet design and safety codes
  • Monitor the construction and installation of your electrical plant or facility 
  • Implement all essential approval checks and commissioning checks 
  • Identify construction faults through design testing and material analysis
  • Identify conditions that can lead to power failures and short circuits

Trusted electrical testing, inspection and certification services – for every aspect of your installation

We support every phase in the life cycle of your electrical equipment – from approval advice and surveyor’s reports to project coordination and controlled dismantling. We can also set up a quality management system or organize employee training to meet your health and safety requirements.

Our experts provide testing, inspection and certification services for:

  • Industrial electrical plants 
  • Electrical plants that must comply with official mining laws
  • Electrical plants that must comply with the law for the protection of the workers decree for electrical protection
  • Electrical high-voltage substations 
  • Electrical low-voltage networks
  • Electrical installations for machines
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Cathodic corrosion protection installations at pipelines and tank farms
  • Electrical installations in buildings
  • Emergency power supply plants
  • Gas warning systems
  • Electrical consumer products

Contact us now to find out how our electrical installations certification can help you comply with national and international standards and ensure the reliable operation of your facilities.


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