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Used Machinery Certification

Used machinery certification from SGS – assesses the market value, life expectancy and durability of your equipment and provides relevant certification anywhere in the world.

When buying or selling used machinery, industrial facilities and vehicles, you need to ensure quality and safety. Our independent product certification for used machinery identifies the real market value, life expectancy and remaining durability of the equipment. We can also ensure your equipment complies with the directives and standards of the country you are operating in, and those of the countries you intend to export to.

When inspections are mandatory, as is the case in India, Brazil and Vietnam, we not only have to consider local standards and legal requirements but also the requirements of importers and import authorities in the countries of destination.

Why use used machinery certification from SGS?

With our unrivaled experience, expertise and resources, we can offer you independent product certification and inspection for used machinery, enabling you to:

  • Gain the confidence needed when lending, buying, selling, leasing or insuring industrial products, machinery, facilities or equipment, with full inspections before purchase 
  • Determine current and future value 
  • Appraise the current condition and life expectancy of machinery, industrial facilities, vehicles and equipment
  • Control the technical documentation according to required directives and standards
  • Gain the relevant product certification for the country of re-installation

Trusted used machinery certification from the world’s leading supplier

As the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, we can provide you with the confidence you need when dealing with used industrial machinery. With a unique global network and multiple accreditations, we can provide you with the necessary certifications for whichever countries you are operating in.

Our used machinery certification includes:

  • Inspections of machinery, industrials facilities, vehicles and equipment
  • Product certification
  • Visual controls and witness testing

Contact us today to find out how our product certification for used machinery can assess the market value, life expectancy and durability of your equipment, and provide relevant certification – anywhere in the world.


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