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LNG Ship Calibration

Accurate quantity measurement is crucial in the worldwide trading of LNG. The complex liquefaction and re-gasification processes involved require that all volumes be measured with precision. LNG ship calibration from SGS can help you avoid systematic transit losses when transporting liquefied gas cargoes around the world, whatever type of vessel is involved.

Calibration tables stay with a vessel for a very long period, perhaps for the entire lifetime of the ship. It is essential with high-value cargoes such as LNG that these tables represent the very best in both technology and the application of the same.

Our specialist staff are trained not only in calibration but also in the science of LNG. This means that when carrying out the calibrations they are cognizant of the damage that can be caused inadvertently by even the smallest imperfection on the tank surface. We produce capacity tables and certificates of accuracy to ensure reliable volume determination.

Find out more about how LNG ship calibration from SGS can support your operations.

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