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Jetty Services

Rapidly developing technology and the need to manage costs and headcount have resulted in radical changes in the options available to operate jetties and terminals.

At an increasing number of locations, it is no longer economically viable to maintain on a 24-hour/365-day basis the level of personnel necessary to cover every operational requirement or eventuality. Outsourcing, contracting in, or contracting out are becoming attractive options when operating jetties and installations. SGS offers a route allowing you to optimize both cost and the operational efficiency of your business.

SGS has developed a comprehensive service to provide the personnel and expertise required to operate jetties in full compliance with the law, port regulations and business best practice. This includes making available at the appropriate times the staff necessary to properly load and discharge sea vessels and barges, railcars and road vehicles.

Our jetty services include the loading and discharging of seagoing vessels and barges, particularly the following:

  • Positioning of the ship
  • Port control and vessel scheduling and berthing
  • Lining up of the transfer piping circuit
  • Preparation of firefighting resources
  • Protection of access routes to the jetty and other areas
  • Hose connection and jetty manning
  • Safety checklist preparation

At standalone terminals we also offer terminal maintenance, documentation services and safety inspections.

Find out how SGS can support the smooth running of your jetty installations.

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