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Services Related to Materials

Services related to materials from SGS – select the best building materials for your construction project.

Whether you are constructing buildings, infrastructure or industrial plants, the materials used in your construction projects must meet a wide range of strict quality regulations, standards, and service life requirements. Plus, the materials you choose will affect the quality, costs, sustainability and environmental impact of your construction project. That is why selecting the right materials is essential.

We offer you specialized technical consultancy with the latest knowledge and expertise, enabling you to choose the best building materials for your construction project.

Our services include laboratory or on-site testing, certification, coating inspections, and failure and damage analyses at every phase – from development of new materials and manufacturing through to in-service assessments.

We can also provide consultancy services for the quality of materials, service life prediction, life cycle analyses and advice on requirements for import and export.

As a world-leading provider of services for the construction industry, we offer comprehensive knowledge of constructing materials, including roofing materials, bricks and blocks, aggregation, metals, polymers and wood. With over 1,000 offices around the world and extensive mobile on-site capabilities we can provide you with construction expertise wherever you need it.

Our unrivaled industry experience, technical and regulatory expertise, and unique global network makes us the first choice for construction clients the world over.

Contact us today to discuss how our services related to materials can help you select the best materials for your construction project.

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