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RoHS Certificate of Conformity (CoC)

As the market leader in RoHS testing our reports have an excellent reputation worldwide. In exceptional circumstances some local authorities will not accept RoHS test reports at face value. To combat this issue we have developed a secure database driven solution, the SGS RoHS Certificate of Conformity (CoC). We have taken our network of laboratories, quality assurance experts and European based Certification Bodies (CBs) and linked them to a single database. This ensures that RoHS test reports created in one part of the world are acceptable everywhere.

How does it work?

Step 1 – Online database ensures global access
With the approval of manufacturers, who own the RoHS test reports, we build a database of all test reports, which is accessible worldwide. All documents are checked and approved by local SGS specialists before upload. They confirm the certification or identify the need for additional testing.

Step 2 - CoC relies on Quality Assurance/Control
A RoHS certificate of conmpliance based on the relevant standards is issued by SGS affiliates in the region where the products will be sold. Certificates of Conformity rely on our internationally-recognized Quality Assurance/Quality Control procedures.

Step 3 – Quick solution for our clients
Authorities can easily check all the test reports relating to a CoC in the SGS database, without any further hassle for the manufacturer or the importer. CoCs are highly credible because of our reputation for professionalism and integrity.

Contact your local office to find out more about how the RoHS Certificate of Conformity can help your business.

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