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Oil and Gas


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Metering Services

SGS assists global customers with a wide range of metering, instrumentation calibration and testing services. We conduct metering system audits, and offer metering consultancy services and training for metering staff.

Our services include independent metering expertise for natural gas measurement, LNG, hydrocarbon allocation for production and transportation, multiphase metering, and metering for environmental compliance including emissions and pollution related legislation.

We provide:

  • Meter calibration and flow testing services for a wide range of liquid and gaseous meter types
  • Fixed master of mobile volumetric prover systems
  • Calibration of single and multiphase meters
  • Calibration of secondary and tertiary measurement instrumentation

Experienced metering services

We have many years of experience providing verification and certification of meters and meter provers used for pipeline and terminal custody transfer measurement. Providing accurate measurements of hydrocarbons extracted and produced makes good business sense but it is also a requirement to calculate petroleum tax, royalties and maintain an understanding of how a nation’s natural resources are being used. Contact us to find out more about SGS's metering services.

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SGS North America Inc. - OGC

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