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Surface Welltest Services

SGS provides surface welltest solutions based on extensive field experience and a full understanding of the attributes of a well enabling you to achieve operational profitably and efficiency.

Surface welltest data guides you in process optimization, ultimately maximizing your production from a well. The tests and subsequent controls that are run to support the exploration, development and production of wells are essential, without them it would not be possible to ascertain the potential of the oil fields that are being discovered. When you explore new wells this information minimizes the time it takes to get the wells into operation.

Well technology

SGS assists you with welltest designs including equipping and commissioning on-site laboratories, cost analysis, acceptance testing and calibration. When it comes to interpreting the results and making decisions based on them, the SGS OGC Data interpretation service offers a follow up process, making surface welltest services comprehensive from end-to-end. Each test package begins in the exploration stage and continues as the well develops into production, with a wide range of secondary gas, oil and water treatment options, allowing fast track production from new wells and fields. Call us to find out more about how our surface welltest services can assist you.

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