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Wireline and Slickline Services

Wireline is a cabling technology used to lower equipment or measuring devices into a well for the purposes of well interventions and reservoir evaluation.

Slickline operations involve maintenance, such as the removal of wax, scale, sand and fill build-ups, terminating flow and setting hydraulic packers using sealing plugs, gauge cutting, setting or removing plugs, deploying or removing wireline, retrievable valves and memory logging of down-hole logs using Memory Production Logging Tools (MPLT) and down-hole vision (using run cameras).

The use of SGS slickline units provides you with a variety of well intervention services and measurements that are essential during the time a well is in production. SGS slickline services include the control of sliding sleeves to open and close access to zones and the replacement of gas lift valves. Additionally they can measure the depth of the well and well perforation (using run gun assemblies) and down-hole pressures and temperatures (using run gauges). Our slickline units are tried and tested and there are currently four units deployed in Papua New Guinea and Australia and a further five under construction. Contact us to find out more.

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