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Matthew talks about life at SGS Meet Matthew, Technical Manager for Consumer Testing Services in the USA. Oct 14, 2015 Local Corporate News
LTE Capacity Updates SGS North America has increased its LTE capacity and coverage to satisfy the need of customers. Sep 03, 2015 Business News
SGS Expands Wireless Facilities SGS North America has announced the expansion of its US based wireless facilities in California, New Jersey and Lenexa. Sep 03, 2015 Business News
SGS North America Increases Over the Air (OTA) Radiated Performance Capacity and Capabilities SGS North America has rapidly increased its OTA Performance capacity and has added new anechoic chambers in Branchburg, New Jersey and San Diego, California. Sep 03, 2015 Business News
SGS Alaska adds EDB/DBCP/TCP by 8260B-SIM to DOD/ISO Certification Scope SGS Environmental Services in Anchorage, Alaska, USA is now DoD/ISO certified to analyze DBCP, EDB and TCP using 8260B-SIM and achieve low cleanup criteria levels. Aug 26, 2015 Business News
Comparative Emissions Testing of Vehicles Aged on E0, E15 and E20 Fuels The United States Energy Independence and Security Act passed into law in December 2007 mandates the use of 36 billion ethanol equivalent gallons per year of renewable fuel by 2022. A primary pathway to achieve this national goal is to increase the amount of ethanol blended into gasoline. This study evaluated the effect of higher ethanol blends, up to 20% by volume, on vehicle exhaust emissions over the lifetime of the vehicle. The test plan established baseline (pre-aging) exhaust emissions for eighteen vehicles. The vehicles were periodically retested following mileage accumulation to quantify the change of exhaust emissions as the vehicles aged. For each vehicle model, the test results for the vehicles aged on E0, E15, and E20 fuels were directly compared to assess the impact of ethanol content on exhaust emissions deterioration. Jul 20, 2015 Features
Natural Gas CRC Report SGS Automotive has recently completed a study for the Coordinating Research Council to investigate the effect of fuel composition on the performance and emissions of light-duty Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs). Jun 17, 2015 Updates
Automotive Testing Article Feature SGS Automotive is featured in the June 2015 issue of Automotive Testing Technology International magazine. Jun 15, 2015 Updates
Plant Tissue Testing Recommendations Plant tissue testing with SGS is a great way to diagnose a nutrient deficiency or toxicity problem in your field. Jun 11, 2015 Business News
SGS Accredited As an Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA) By the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) SGS is accredited as an Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA) by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). AIA accreditation enables SGS to review, verify, audit and inspect boiler and pressure vessels in accordance with ASME Codes. Apr 21, 2015 Business News