Crop Science: Feed & Crop Testing in the United States

Never before have quality and safety been so critical to the feed and crop industry. Consumers are increasingly demanding safe food products from the agricultural sector, which invariably requires accuracy in capturing nutrient profiles, contaminant risks, and more.

At SGS, we support you with the latest technologies to provide you with rapid turnaround times and accurate results to analyze most feed ingredient and grain types, including feeds and grains for livestock and cattle, aquaculture and fish, poultry, deer, horse, organically-fed animals and pet food.

Our laboratory in Brookings, South Dakota, provides you a comprehensive suite of analytical services from basic chemical testing to complex composition analysis. Our scientists can verify the nutritional value of your feed products in terms of fats, proteins, starch, micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and more. We also offer DNA analysis, including PCR screening for GMO testing and many other parameters. Our scientists can help you identify a wide range of contaminants and additives, including natural contaminants like mycotoxins, and other potential dangers, like pesticide residues and antibiotics. We are accredited to ISO 17025, Non-GMO Project approved, and one of the first GMP+ B11 Registered Laboratories in the United States.

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Cattle Feeding

Feed Packages

Assessing the nutritional value of your animal feed while satisfying health & safety regulations.

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Chemical Testing

Physical & Chemical Testing

Analyzing individual nutrients, chemical components and physical properties within grains and feed ingredients.

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Oil Testing

Oil & Fat Testing

Determining moisture, free fatty acids, insoluble impurities and more.

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Chemical Elements


Identifying concentrations of macro and microminerals, vitamins, and heavy metals.

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Laboratory Glassware

Antibiotics/Allergens/ Pesticides/Contaminants

Detecting risks for antibiotics, pesticide residues, allergens, mycotoxins and more.

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GMO Testing

DNA & Seed Health

Confirming the absence or presence of genetically modified ingredients.

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Corn Energy Biofuel

Ethanol Testing

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