Fluid Analysis for Critical Building Systems

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Ensure the safe and efficient functioning of your standby generator and critical HVAC systems.

In order for your critical building systems to work at maximum efficiency, the fluids they use must be in top condition. SGS will monitor and test the lubricants used in your standby generator and critical HVAC systems, ensuring their efficient operation, avoiding downtime and costly repairs, and protecting the health and safety of those who use the building.

Our expert diagnostic engineers will use the latest techniques to check the physical and chemical characteristics of chiller, compressor and refrigerant fluids, so they can obtain information on the wear of metals and the fluid itself. We will notify you immediately of any urgent situations so you can take prompt action.

We can also provide staff training on managing an oil condition monitoring program.

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Standby Generators

Emergency and backup generators must work when you need them. However, degradation of the lubricants, fuels and coolants they use can make them unreliable. Proper monitoring of the condition of these fluids is essential for avoiding unexpected shutdowns, operational disruptions and costly repairs.

Our laboratory experts provide a complete range of services to protect the health of the fluids used in standby generators in hospitals, business premises, government facilities and other buildings. Our standby generator test methods conform to ASTM and other industry standards. We can help ensure compliance with NFPA 110 Part 8.3.7 Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems and NFPA 110 Healthcare Facilities Code and Life Safety Code.

Fluid Analysis Services for Emergency and Backup Generators

We offer testing and monitoring services for:

  • Diesel fuel, biodiesel, natural gas (fuel gas) and propane
  • Other large generator fuels
  • Lubricants
  • Coolants
  • Greases
  • Wear debris

Additional testing is available as needed.

Critical HVAC Systems

Maintaining the right temperatures at healthcare, pharmaceutical or other facilities is essential for protecting the health of patients and products. Compressors must be working efficiently to ensure temperatures are optimal. As systems get older, moisture buildup can create acids that cause corrosion and make the compressor become hotter and work harder. Acids, contamination and other impurities can clog airflow. All of these things can result in downtime or even complete failure of the compressor.

SGS tests chiller, compressor and refrigerant fluids to detect contaminants, such as moisture and acids, that can corrode components and reduce equipment life. Our tests will also detect early onset of abnormal wear, so you can respond quickly to problems before they incur extensive downtime and high costs.

Fluid Analysis Services for Critical HVAC Systems

Refrigerant analysis according to ARI-700 specifications:

  • Acidity in refrigerants
  • Water in refrigerants
  • High boiling residue
  • Chloride in refrigerants
  • Purity of refrigerants
  • FTIR

Testing for chillers and compressors:

  • Metals by ICP
  • Water by Karl Fischer
  • Viscosity
  • Acid number
  • Extraction of refrigerant

Why SGS?

As the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, we combine state-of-the-art diagnostics with professional expertise. We will help to ensure the efficient maintenance of your equipment.

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