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SGS Brookings – your solution to agricultural and food testing questions.

One of the largest independent seed testing laboratories in the world, our Brookings laboratory offers services including feed and crop chemistry solutions along with food testing, Good Laboratory Practices and contract research studies, extensive field research operations and soil screening to become an all-inclusive one-stop-shop to meet your testing needs.

Dedicated to providing you with best-in-class customer service, our team will assist you in determining the testing solutions that best fit your business goals and objectives for success.

We have a committed and knowledgeable group of Key Account Managers and Client Support Service specialists who will thoroughly answer all of your questions. Our staff is also equipped with one of the largest groups of Registered Seed Technologists, Certified Seed Technologists, Registered Genetic Technologists and Certified Viability Technologists within one business who work on your samples to provide you quality results with rapid accuracy every day.

Our goal is to continually provide our clients with the most accurate findings possible. As we implement the latest technology for more conclusive results, we strive to improve every day so that we can pass those advancements on to you so that you can make timely and effective decisions for your business success.

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As a comprehensive agricultural and food testing laboratory, we are here to partner with you in finding the right answers to propel your quality and management decisions forward.

Work with our team of experts today to learn about our comprehensive seed testing solutions and analytical agricultural and food resources.

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