Contract Research Design & Implementation

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Develop & register agricultural inputs

To develop and register your agricultural inputs, such as pesticides, seeds or fertilizers, you need a range of expert resources at your disposal. Our contract research services support the development and registration of agricultural inputs and help you to ensure safety and regulatory compliance.

Plantability and Flowability Assessments

Improve the efficiency of your operations with plantability and flowability assessments. Plantability determines the number of inaccuracies (such as failures and double seed drops) occurring within a given distance or area. Flowability gauges the seeds’ ability to move properly through the planting process.

Seed Safety and Storage Trials for Seed Amendments

Reduce your risk and derive full value from your resources by creating seed trials and seed amendment studies with our research professionals who will conduct performance evaluations for protectants, polymers and coatings plus assessments for safety and storability.

Seed Amendment and Treatment Dust Off Studies

Determining dust off rates is an important step in evaluating the characteristics of your seed amendment, as well as its usability and safety. When a treated seed is agitated, it can produce a substantial amount of dust, which necessitates the importance of applying specific treatments in the laboratory to evaluate protectants, polymers, and coatings for performance, seed safety and storability to meet study requirements.

Field Trials

As you develop your seed varieties, amendments, pesticides and fertilizers for the commercial marketplace, those products need to be tested in supervised field trials under relevant geographic and climatic conditions.

Gain access to globally standardized field trials with large-scale resources that include:

  • Good Experimental Practice (GEP) field trials
  • Genetically Modified (GM) biosafety field trials
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) field trials
  • Early state to marketing field trials

Comply with relevant, industry specific quality management systems for regulatory studies for local, international and global submissions, and work with a team that supports you across:

  • Registration of chemicals
  • Crop residues
  • Soil dissipation
  • Crop rotation
  • Environmental fate
  • Field leaching
  • Drip/drench irrigation studies
  • Microbe & nutrient based studies
  • Drought studies
  • Efficacy
  • Demonstration plots

Seed Testing in the USA

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