Seed Sampler Resources

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Accuracy & reliability

We use accredited sampling methodologies to sample grains, oilseeds, feeds and other agricultural commodities to help you to:

  • Get the data you need for more informed decision-making
  • Identify and then rectify issues quickly and efficiently
  • Verify quality and take action as required

Seed Export Services

SGS’s ISTA certification service eases the process of exporting seeds worldwide by ensuring that your seed shipments are not delayed at customs. Verify that your seed shipments are tested in accordance with the ISTA rules and are certified with the appropriate legal requirements. ISTA Orange and ISTA Blue certificates are available.

Seed Sampler Training – Workshops & Webinars

As the world’s leading expert within innovative seed services, we present state-of-the-art sampler workshops and refresher webinars that provide seed company personnel with the training and certification necessary to draw samples for the issuance of ISTA Orange Certificates and OECD reports.

Seed sampler training in accordance with AOSA rules is also available.

Contact our team to learn more about available workshop dates and registration details.

Seed Testing in the USA

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