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A full range of field and lab testing services for the Pennsylvania gas and oil field industry

SGS is an industry leader in natural gas meter testing, calibration and repair. We are recognized as a certified Test Only (T/O) vendor by the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors for testing and tagging of pressure relief valves (PRVs).

Our Mansfield office, located in East Central Pennsylvania, also serves Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and New York. With technicians in the field on a daily basis, we offer a one-stop service at this location – you can have a PRV tested and your meters calibrated, witnessed and repaired during the same visit. We will source and supply parts and create a sampling and testing plan for any material.

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Test Only PRV Testing

SGS T/O technicians use nitrogen to verify set pressure release levels on pressure relief valves. If the release pressure on the valve differs by more than 3% from the nameplate set pressure, our technicians will perform an adjustment to bring the valve back to the set pressure. The valve will then be sealed and tagged, and a report will be generated. If the valve differs by more than 6% from the set pressure, our techs will replace it with a new PRV.

While we generally test valves in the field, you can also bring PRVs to the lab. We have a certified test stand there and can test, tag and seal the valves and then return them to you.

Meter Calibration

We are an industry leader in meter testing, calibration, and repair. Accuracy in meter calibration is essential for determining your hydrocarbon allocation.

Natural Gas Sampling and Analysis

We offer C6+ analysis and C6+ including H2S analysis at our Mansfield Lab. Upon request, our technicians can pull other samples and send them to one of SGS’s many other labs. The SGS laboratory network offers a wide array of analytical options.

Sample Test Kits

For our gas-fired power plant customers, we provide monthly sample test kits. Simply take a sample at your facility and then send it back to us for analysis. This is a cost-effective way to monitor your facility on a regular basis.

Additional Services

Other services provided at our Mansfield office include:

  • Guided Wave Radar testing calibration to measure the depth of water in a tank
  • Thermo electric generator (TEG) calibration
  • Battery load testing

Why choose SGS?

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. With a global network of experts and state-of-the-art labs, we can help you with your sampling and testing needs and ensure that your products are safe, secure and in compliance with national and international standards.

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