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Natural gas composition testing and analysis from SGS – understand the composition of your natural gas to reduce risk and maximize value.

Oil storage tanks

Natural gas contains many components other than methane. Some of these components can cause damage to your infrastructure and equipment, endanger your employees, change the market valuation of your natural gas inventories and harm your operations. Understanding the composition of your natural gas will allow you to reduce the risk of corrosion and contamination issues, helping you to run your business more efficiently and maximize value.

Why choose natural gas composition testing and analysis from SGS?

We offer natural gas hydrocarbon composition analysis to support your operations across the entire supply chain, including:

  • Exploration and production operations
  • Natural gas processing
  • Pipeline transportation
  • Gas turbine power plant feedstocks
  • Natural gas trades
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities
  • LNG tankers

Our trace level purity, composition and hydrocarbon analysis can be used to detect the following components:

Compound Compound Name
CO2 Carbon dioxide
N2 Nitrogen
C1 Methane
C2 Ethane
C3 Propane
iC4 i-Butane
nC4 n-Butane
C5 neo-Pentane
iC5 i-Pentane
nC5 n-Pentane
C6 Hexanes
C6 Methyl-cyclo-pentane
C6 Benzene
C6 Cyclo-hexane
Compound Compound Name
C7 Heptanes
C7 Methyl-cyclo-hexane
C7 Toluene
C8 Octanes
C8 Ethyl-benzene
C8 Meta/Para-xylene
C8 Ortho-xylene
C9 Nonanes
C9 Tri-methyl-benzene
C10 Decanes
C11 Undecanes
C12 Dodecanes
C13 Tridecanes
C14+ Tetradecanes

Natural Gas Composition Reporting

Our nat-gas reporting includes features that will help you to make the most of your analysis.

Multi-Channel Reporting: results from multiple detector channels can be combined into a single report with both raw and normalized amounts (normalized across all channels) displayed.

Custom calculations: you can create custom formulas using GC component results and other results. The results of your custom calculations can be displayed on the printed report, monitored, trend plotted and exported to text files.

Easily update the component list: the list of components to process and report is completely customizable. You can add or delete components from the component list. Natural gas analysis/liquids calculation constants can be loaded from standard data sources or entered manually.

Customized physical properties reporting: the natural gas component list is completely customizable. Components can be added to or deleted from the component list, renamed, and calculation factors (such as heating value, molar mass ratio and summation factor) can be updated using one of the standard physical property tables

Standard physical property tables: standard component physical property tables are provided for the GPA 2145 and GPA 2145 standards, the GPSA Engineering Data Book, GPA TP-17, ASTM D3588, and ISO 6976.

Export to text file: you can create custom export templates to save NGA results to text files for import into flow and measurement systems, such as Flow-Cal and PGAS.

Monitor Results with Alarms: you can use monitored parameters to set up alarms for critical parameters, such as the total un-normalized mole% or conflicting historical data.

Natural gas component detection and analysis from a world leading provider

As a world leading provider of natural gas testing services, we have extensive experience working with energy customers. In addition to testing and analysis, we offer natural gas customers metering, measurement, allocation and related services.

Contact us today to learn more about natural gas composition analysis.