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The Crude Oil Quality Association (COQA) is meeting in St. Louis, Missouri. SGS personnel will participate and present a technical paper on crude oil testing properties and techniques.


Jun 07, 2017, 00:30


Jun 08, 2017, 23:30


Saint Louis, United States


The Crude Oil Quality Association (COQA) is dedicated to the belief that maintaining the integrity and consistency of the refining characteristics of crude oil streams is of importance to all parties involved in crude oil activity, from production locations to the refinery. 

SGS is a member of the COQA, with SGS crude oil quality and assay experts participating in the COQA. 

SGS will be presenting at the June 2017 meeting in St. Louis. Arden Strycker Ph.D., SGS, is giving the COQA an update on “GC Merge of Light ends with ASTM D7169 Boiling Point Distribution,” to provide the audience an update on his latest observations regarding the procedures, benefits, and limitations of merging ASTM D7169 with ASTM D7900 when building crude oil assays.

SGS Deer Park lab crude oil assay tests include:

  • True boiling point distillation 
  • Vacuum potstill distillation 
  • Atmospheric distillation 
  • Vacuum distillation 
  • Simulated distillation 
  • Specific gravity 
  • Sulfur, total 
  • H2S and mercaptan sulfur in liquid 
  • H2S in vapor 
  • Total acid number 
  • Vapor pressure 
  • Gas chromatography analysis
  • DHA 
  • PIONA 
  • Light ends 0
  • High temp SimDis merge 
  • Hydrocarbon 
  • Methanol in crude
  • Sulfur speciation 
  • Naphthalene 
  • Aniline point 
  • Cloud point 
  • Flash point 
  • Freeze point 
  • Pour point
  • Smoke point
  • Nitrogen, total 
  • Basic nitrogen 
  • Bromine number 
  • Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen 
  • SARA analysis 
  • Carbon residue 
  • Ash content 
  • Refractive index 
  • Viscosity 
  • Heat of combustion 
  • Asphaltenes 
  • Metals
  • Chlorides 
  • Anions 
  • Penetration 
  • Water and sediment 
  • Wax content
  • Additional crude oil assay tests