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Case depth and hardness examinations from SGS – precise metallographic verification of a carburizing or carbonitriding heat treatment.

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To verify each carburizing or carbonitriding heat treat batch or lot, case depth and hardness examinations are required. We offer precise case depth and hardness examinations, using state-of-the-art laboratory testing and the very best industry expertise.

Why choose case depth and hardness examination from SGS?

We can help you with:

  • Metallographic verification of a carburizing or carbonitriding heat treatment
  • Depth verification of the carbon diffusion into the component surface
  • Visually measuring case depth using an optical microscope
  • Testing in accordance with SAE J423 
  • Case carbon analysis by optical emission spectroscopy (OES)

Precise case depth services from a leading provider of metallurgical services

As a world-leading provider of metallurgical services we offer unrivaled expertise in case depth and hardness examination. To test for the total case depth and hardness, we will:

  • Section and prepare the sample for metallographic examination
  • Etch the prepared metallographic specimen
  • Measure the total case depth
  • Verify the depth measurement in at least three separate locations 
  • Examine the case microstructure for any detrimental microstructural conditions

To discuss your case depth and hardness examination, talk to us today.